Jan 16, 2009

A Review By Lucid Culture

Back in November we played a benefit for Just Food, which had a somewhat all over the place line up. The kind folks over at Lucid Culture had these kinds words about our set.

Female-fronted ska rockers Across the Aisle were next, blending ska with a brassy, chipper, cheery, occasionally sarcastic pop feel - imagine No Doubt without the weight of the corporation beating down on them, and with a horn section so tight you couldn’t fit a piece of paper between the sax and the trumpet. Everything they did was infectious: the sly Born Dirty, their signature song Across the Aisle which they began at hardcore speed, the impossibly catchy Out of Sight, Out of Mind, the sexy urban tale 59th and Lexington, a straight-up reggae number and the sardonic Everybody Lies: “Don’t be fooled by assholes,” Megg their frontwoman grinned. Thy Burden were a hard act to follow, but the party didn’t let up til Across the Aisle left the stage. All they need is some college radio exposure and this band will be huge.

Much appreciated. We thought the rest of their review was a little harsh on the band that played prior to us, as they weren't really intended to play that night anyways, and truth be told, they were catchy as hell.

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